Our Curriculum


The History Syllabus provides opportunities in K–6 to learn about:

‘Change and Continuity’. Students continue to investigate their connections with the past through personal, family and local community history. They examine significant events and people that shaped Australian colonies and the nation.

‘Cultures’. Students continue to learn about the diverse cultures of Australia, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Students learn about the importance of intercultural understanding through examining the perspectives, beliefs and values of people, past and present.

‘Environments’. Students explore the natural and human features of a range of places, across local and global scales. Students continue to learn about how and why places and environments change and how they can be cared for and managed in a sustainable way.

‘Social Systems and Structures’. Students will learn about the roles, rights and responsibilities people have within society and the development of Australian democracy.

In History K–6, students examine the contribution of individuals and groups to Australian society in areas such as the economy, education.  Students also have the opportunity to explore how key figures and events influenced Australia’s system of law and government in addition to examine local, state and federal government structures and responsibilities.