For Parents

Parent Engagement

Working in partnership with parents at St. Philip Neri School is an integral and highly valued process.

There is a strong sense of community at St Philip Neri and parents are actively involved in all aspects of school life. Parents value education and are interested in all that pertains to their child’s learning. The P&F represents all families and friends of students at the school.

The P&F is very active and involved in raising funds for the benefit of students, enhancing the profile of the school and strengthening ties within the school community. It is a very strong and active organisation and is an integral part of this school.

The P&F meets once each term with the Executive meeting an additional four times. There is an annual election of office bearers to the Executive Committee. Their role is to facilitate, coordinate and organise activities within the Association.

The parents also support our joint Social Justice Project to support Lete-Foho Parish in East Timor.

Every class has a group of parents who take on the role of class parents. They carry out the following:

  • co-ordinating informal get-togethers for parents and children
  • welcoming new families
  • helping mothers with new babies or illness in the family
  • assisting class teachers in a variety of roles
  • assisting the P&F with fundraising efforts and social events.

Parents are always supportive of our sporting events. Many parents assist at our whole school swimming and athletics carnivals. Parents also help with the coaching and training of our athletes for gala days and cluster carnivals and are often called upon to take on significant roles at these events.

These activities enhanced the spirit of the community and helped to make everyone feel very welcome and involved at the school.

The school promotes and encourages the concept of parents supporting the class teacher in optimising the learning opportunities for the children. Teachers value and appreciate the extra support provided by parents. Parents have assisted in many curriculum areas. In addition they accompany classes on excursions and assist in the library/learning centre.

During the year parents work closely with the teacher-librarian shelving and covering library books and take-home reading books.