Student Wellbeing

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Positive Behaviour for Learning at St Philip Neri Catholic School

At St Philip Neri, Northbridge, we follow a school wide Behaviour Expectations framework. Our 3 school rules are:

At St Philip Neri, Northbridge:

We are Respectful    We are Responsible    We are Life Long Learners.

 The framework for Behaviour Management at SPN is centred on the principles of the Positive Behaviour for Learning model or PBL. This model adopts proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviours to create positive school environments.

Click here for a copy of our school “PBL” matrix

The St Philip Neri School, Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) approach to behaviour management focuses on: teaching, practicing, applying and acknowledging appropriate behaviours. A PBL team of staff members manage the process of support to staff and the school community. PBL student leaders (Year 6) are also appointed and play a role in the process.

At SPN we are committed to acknowledging student’s positive behaviour to encourage adherence to school rules and behavioural expectations. Appropriate feedback, an engaging curriculum and a positive and enriching learning environment, are the foundations for encouraging and maintaining Positive Behaviours for Learning.

A tangible system of mini merit awards is in place at SPN to acknowledge students that demonstrate Positive Behaviour for Learning in the classroom and on the playground.

To assist in the process of preventing the reoccurrence of inappropriate behaviours, staff at St Philip Neri School are committed to collecting data to help inform decision making. This includes:

  • Class and Playground Time Out Slip data is recorded in the PBL online database to track individual student behaviour. The data is monitored and presented at each PBL team meeting for discussion. It is used by the PBL team for future planning as well as individual intervention.
  • Each child’s Mini Merits are recorded by the class teacher and data is collated and tracked by the PBL team for consistency.
  • Whole school Assembly presentations are made to children that achieve Silver and Gold PBL Awards.

PBL at St Philip Neri is concerned with the dignity and integral growth of the each person, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our behaviour Expectations matrix makes special mention of scripture references that guide positive behaviours and learning.