Parents & Friends Association

About Us

As well as raise funds for the purchase of equipment and amenities for the school or for any other purpose to benefit the school and its students, the P&F also plans, promotes and organise events and activities and works to create and build a sense of community within the school, parish and broader community as appropriate.

Community Support Program

Many families have good support networks, which can provide the appropriate assistance in times of need; however, sometimes this support might not be available just when it is needed. Other families, for a variety of reasons, may not have family or friends they can call on for help during times of illness, bereavement, separation or accidents.

The SPN Community Support Program is about volunteers helping out those in our school community when it is needed. All support is offered on a confidential basis with complete privacy and anonymity.

The Community Support Program Co – ordinator works with this group of volunteers to deliver this service to the school community.

Examples of Assistance:

  • Providing Meals
  • Assisting with Transport
  • Providing Emergency Accommodation
  • Washing/Ironing
  • Shopping
  • Hospital visits
  • Mowing Lawns
  • Other

To access the help available please just send an email to this confidential email:

“There is no shame in asking for help, only in someone not offering it.”

If you would like to join our roster of volunteers then please contact the current P&F President.


Yearly Events

Fundraising Activities

Fundraising activities come in all shapes and sizes within the school however the general approach to fundraising is based on the principals of ‘ quality not quantity’, ‘ no pressure’ and ‘ sharing the work ’ .

Currently major fundraising is delivered through the Annual Dinner Dance and the School Raffle.

Social Activities

Social activities are held throughout the year and are normally responsibility is allocated to a particular Class for organising. In addition there are certain events that are co – ordinated by the P&F.

Functions and Events that are, or may be organised by the P&F:

  • SPN Day
  • Pancake Day
  • Tears and Tissues
  • Kindergarten Orientation Evening
  • Kindergarten Welcome Morning Tea
  • Mothers Day Afternoon Tea
  • Fathers Day Breakfast
  • Grandparents Afternoon Tea
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Christmas Drinks
  • Sacraments Morning/Afternoon Tea
  • Students Disco


Parent Learning and Support Program

The Parent Learning Support Program is a new initiative the P&F is gradually introducing to our school community. We are looking at ways in which parents can be kept up to date with educational changes, and can feel supported in their role as parents. This may be through guest speakers and/or supporting the program with various reading or other materials that can be used at home.

School A to Z

The site has been designed with you in mind – parents who are keen to support their child’s learning, and the work being done in the classroom, so they have every chance of success in the future. The site provides practical homework help for school subjects, project starters and tips on learning, along with articles and resources that provide more information about how you can assist your child’s social, physical and mental development so that they grow into happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults. Many of the links and resources on the School A to Z website have been produced by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

Essential Kids

Essential Kids is the spot for information and forums on pre-schoolers and school- age children. EK is part of the largest online parenting community in Australia. Created to provide busy mums with respected parenting advice, education resources and deeper online community support.

Broken Bay Parent Council

Resources for parents. Provided by the Diocesan Parent Council, providing information on Family Wellbeing, Education and Learning, and Cybersafety. There are downloadable guidebooks for numeracy and literacy.