Community Speaker – John Coutis

20/09/2018 - 6:30 pm > 7:30 pm

Location: St Philip Neri Catholic School Learning Centre

We are very excited to announce our second Community Speaker for the year.

We have been lucky enough to confirm John Coutis to present at our School.

This event is open for you and your children to attend together.

John ‘JC’ Coutis is an exceptional person. Born with a severe disability that rendered him a double amputee, John defied medical opinion by refusing to die. Today he gets around on a skateboard and travels the world inspiring tens of thousands of adoring fans to block out the negatives and be the best that they can be.

While John Coutis considers himself most privileged to be able to impart his gifts and dynamic life experience to others, in turn he is widely acknowledged as one of the most inspirational speakers of his generation. His invaluable messages encompass respect for diversity, anti-bullying, inclusion, resilience, goal setting, tolerance, motivation, self-determination and courage.

John Coutis talks about:

Dealing with disability
Overcoming challenges & getting the best out of life
Treating People The Way You Wish To Be Treated
Resilience, Goal Setting
We believe this event will be very popular so we would like to offer SPN families the chance to priority book until the end of the week before we send the invitation out to the community.

This event has been subsidised by a Willoughby Council Community Grant and is non-profit.

Please RSVP by Clicking Here


John Coutis Flyer