Year 5 & Year 6 Camp

Blue Gum Lodge

Year 5 Reflections

Amelia J (Year 5)

What I Learnt About Myself

I learnt that when I put my mind to something, and try really hard, I can succeed on so many different levels.

I learnt that when I care and help others, it makes me feel and others feel like great people inside.

I learnt, especially in climbing, that if you keep trying,you can do so much better than that first try.

What I Learnt About Others

I learnt that when we all worked together, we all did so much better than we did it by ourselves.

I learnt that the Year 6’s are really nice and caring, and they never like to exclude people. I really think that if Year 6 hadn’t been on camp, it would not be as good if they were not on camp.

I learnt that all of my friends love playing ‘Volleyball’ and ‘Badminton’. Also, I learnt that the teachers love laughing.

Altogether, I thought that our camp stay at Springwood, was one of the best experiences I have ever had!


Mrs Larcher

Ms Bylsma

Miss Kelly

Mr Younan, and all of the camp instructors, for making this camp, the best camp EVER!

Elle F (Year 5)

Over the past 3 days, I learnt the true meaning of friendship. I have many friends but whilst on camp I realised my real friends. These are the people who stuck by my side, the people who understood me, these are my true friends. I loved camp it helped to boost my confidence and persist to achieve my goals. Camp also made me think more about how I feel religiously.

What I learnt about other people was who I could trust to help me when I was sad or confused. I do think that I can trust the Year 6s more and that they have become better friends.

Camp made me see how proud I am of what I can do and what I can achieve.