Year 5 Leadership Day

On Monday November 19, Year 5 took part in their Leadership Day. The class started with a liturgy, followed by team building activities which presented some challenges!

After recess Ms Bylsma spoke about leadership and what it means to be part of a “Distributive Leadership”, where all roles are considered integral to the whole. The students followed with speeches in front of a Year 2-4 (Primary students 2019) audience. Each student expressed their desire to achieve School Captain, Colour House Captain, Environment, Social Justice, Liturgy or PBL leader. What was refreshing to see, was the way the students embraced all roles in their speeches and saw them as exciting challenges in their own right. A clear example was the mention by several students of how the role of Environment leader was a great way to raise environmental issues in our community and make a change in our world, the passion was obvious and inspiring!

The proceedings concluded with a yummy pizza lunch and many thanks to the Ghattas Family for organising.