Year 4 Excursion to the State Library

YEAR FOUR – State Library of NSW excursion

On Monday 11 March, Year Four attended the State Library of NSW as part of their History program for Semester One.

The aim of the excursion was to support learning as part of the First Contact unit, which examines the first inhabitants of Australia and the subsequent contact with early explorers and European settlers in 1788. The two hour visit engaged students in primary & secondary sources and artefacts relating to the British exploration and colonisation of Australia. Aboriginal life in the Sydney area before 1788 was investigated as well as what life was like for convicts on the First Fleet.

We would like to thank the parents that assisted on the day. Thank you to Mrs Barrelet, Mrs Rusak and Mrs Phipson (who dropped in at the start of the visit).

Joseph Younan
Year 4 Classroom Teacher