Year 4 Excursion – Clive Park

Clive Park Field Trip

A recent field trip to Clive Park, Northbridge was undertaken by 25 students in Year Four, as part of a Local History experience. This was an important trip as it set the scene for inquiry learning into the history of Aboriginal occupation of the local area-before FIRST CONTACT with European settlers.

Led by Mr John Hession and Mr David Ella, from the Catholic Schools Office, and a small team of parents and teachers, the trip proved to be a highly successful experience. The class responded very positively and gained a great deal of knowledge about the life of the first inhabitants in this area several thousand years ago. Cave and rock engravings, middens and a story about a fatal shark attack in Sugarloaf Bay, captured much attention. The productive speaking, listening, writing and painting, came naturally after such an open air lesson just moments away from the school.

We would like to thank the parents for helping out on the day and do appreciate your time. A number of students have gone back with their mums and dads for a show and tell visit and this in itself is helping to spread the news about the significance of our local area for the Aboriginal people prior to 1788, when the first settlement occurred.

Joseph Younan – Year 4 Classroom Teacher