Last Minute Vacancies Available for 2024 – Limited Number

It’s not too late to enrol for 2024! 

Looking for a nurturing school environment for your child? It’s not too late to enrol for 2024. We have last minute vacancies now available for Kinder 2024. Hurry limited number! Plus we have some limited vacancies in other grades at St Philip Neri, Northbridge. Enquire Now!

Call 9958 7136 now to book a meeting with the School Principal.

Why choose St Philip Neri for your child? 

At St Philip Neri we take pride in being able to provide each child with:

  • Quality education based on Catholic values, that guide all our actions
  • Committed, professional staff that support all students to reach their full potential
  • A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities
  • A nurturing and supportive community that values parent partnership


“I love our school, you get to know everyone and all the teachers…. and you can make really good friends.” Charlotte E, Year 6 Captain 2020

“We loved the orientation process and it helped the parents and the children to feel welcome in the school, to be comfortable and it made me feel confident leaving my child on that first day, knowing that he would be looked after by the teachers.” Sandy Chan, Kinder Parent 2020

“I love this school because there is lots of kindness in the air and all the teachers are really nice.” Charlotte C, Year 4 2020

“Everyone is welcoming and gets on so well and it’s great to see children of all ages playing together on the playground.” Anne Nesbitt, P&F President 2020

“I love the teachers because they’re caring, they’re really nice.” Patrick G, Year 4 2020