Dollar Line for Caritas – $1603 Raised!

What a great effort by the students of SPN! The dollar coin lines have resulted in raising a total of $1,603.40 for Project Compassion. The Social Justice team and SRC members will now decide which program to support through Project Compassion. There are many worthy causes that Caritas sponsor and it will be a satisfying experience for the students to select a cause and know that they are making a difference to the lives of a particular group of people, whether it be through funding a skills training program in Nepal to supporting a social program for deaf students in Cambodia.

The students of SPN had fun with a little healthy competition as well. The colour houses worked as teams to collect money from their colour lines and these are the results:

RED $237 GOLD $655.90 GREEN $370.50 and BLUE $340

Thanks to all the Colour Houses for a great effort.