2018 LNS Choir Games

On Sunday our Parish hosted the Diocesan Children’s Choir games at St Philip Neri Church and Hall. St Philip Neri School choir sang so well as host choir, beautifully lead by their director Kathryn Criss. Around 45 children from all over the Diocese participated in mixed group workshops lead by Patricia Smith; challenges, concert, presentations then afternoon tea, the event was well attended and we welcomed special guest, Fr David Ranson, Diocesan Administrator.

The happy faces and the enthusiasm of the children was so encouraging to witness. I could see the concentration on their faces as they sang newly learned and quite demanding songs. The young leaders, especially Anjali D’Cunha and  Adeline Kassis (from our parish) are to be congratulated in what they were able to achieve in such a short space of time.

Paulette Beverley and Lisa Lewis

Here are some comments from the day:

“Great day. Well done!  Such a fantastic event!”

“Thank you very much for organising. It’s been a long time coming.”

“Glad to see more participation from boys.”

“Absolutely wonderful program! Truly entertaining and a great opportunity for the kids to meet new friends!”

“The idea that the children can come together from different schools, backgrounds and communities pleases me as a parent as it teaches them to work together, to understand the importance of group work and accept and help everyone as one big family!”

“I am most impressed with the wealth of talent amongst these children and young adults.”